Fatimah Farooq is the BEST Travel Agency Islamabad within your SPENDING PLAN and SCHEDULE

Why use a travel agency? Travel arranged by a professional travel agent guarantees that you never travel alone. You benefit from our years of experience and our relationship with suppliers in the travel industry. From getting the best deals, to VIP treatment, to having someone to turn to when the unexpected occurs. A travel agent is a traveler’s best resource. If you search the most experienced Travel Agency Islamabad then you found us at the top of the search.


Knowledge & Experience

At Stonehouse Travel, we work hard to ensure. We find you the most exciting, intriguing and amazing destinations and experiences that work within your budget.


Personal Touch

Travel arrangements are designed to give you a tailored travel experience based on your interests and dreams.


Hassle-free Travel Planning

With our extensive travel experience. We will work to make your planning and Travel Agency Islamabad as care-free as possible giving you more enjoyment at your destination.


All the Little Details

As experienced professionals, we know how much goes into planning a trip. We will help you with the important and often over-looked details such as travel insurance. Documentation and recommendations for the little extras to further enhance your travel.

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