Religious Tourism with Fatimah Farooq Travel

Experience and what it offers in terms of strengthened foundation and continuous fine tuning, along with our keen dedication to offer the highest level of service consistently are the keys to our sustained success.

During Hajj and Umrah trips our main concern is to offer our pilgrims a worry free experience where they can truly enjoy the soul cleansing spiritual experience.

Fatimah Farooq Travels is providing high-quality Umrah services for years. We are top Umrah facilitators and leaders in offering luxurious and lavish Umrah. We strive to serve the visitors of Allah SWT for Allah’s sake. Our valued customers’ repay their trust in-kind, and this is our biggest achievement.

We offer the best hotels and the most convenient locations, closest to Al-Haramain and public religious figures always accompany our groups to give a sense of security and confidence. They are available to answer any questions as well as give guidance as to religious practices and rituals.

Umrah Packages

Get Umrah with the best deals and cheap rates

With Fatimah Farooq Travels  take a trip to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah in excellent deals and cheap flight rates. We reserve low-cost hotel reservation for your convenience. We also provide accommodations in 3 to 5-star hotels of Makkah and Madinah at affordable prices.

Your stay arrangements are made close to Haram in both cases to save you traveling time and fatigue. Our comfortable and air-conditioned shutter service are at your service during your stay in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Fatimah Farooq takes pride in guiding Muslims brothers and sisters to perform Umrah. That is why we hire an expert and qualified tour guides to facilitate you. Perform Umrah with peace of mind through Fatimah Farooq Travels.

To facilitate the hardships of Hajj pilgrimage, we have been known to offer exceptional services and attention to detail including accurate program planning, time schedules, transportation and choice of accommodation. Our Arafat and Mena camps are designed to leave our pilgrims mentally and physically relaxed and ready to embrace those holy days

Umrah Travel

Economy Umrah Package

Looking for Umrah deals on a budget? Fatimah Farooq Travels has the best deal for your hard-earned money. This is a big opportunity for families and couples to perform Umrah with their loved ones in most reasonable costs.

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Premium Umrah Package

Want an Umrah Experience of a lifetime? Fatimah Farooq Travels brings the most lavish experience through its Premium Umrah Package. Get the best amenities with extravagant accommodations during your spiritual journey of Umrah. Fatimah Farooq Travels Premium Umrah package caters a prolific journey with exclusive services and multiple sight-seeing options.

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Express Umrah Package

An exclusive Umrah package designed for individuals having a hectic schedule and need a quick spiritual time out to hold the sacred walls of Kaaba and reconnect with Allah while purify their souls.

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Young Couple Umrah Package

What could be better than starting off the newly married life than performing Umrah? Get unlimited blessings, rewards and prosperity for you and your partner and perform Umrah by our Young Couple Umrah Package.

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Umrah Packages 2020 / 2021 (1442 H)

Season has now started!

Fatimah Farooq Travels offers a selection of Umrah Packages from 5 Star packages to Budget and Economy packages. We offer Tailor made and Customized Umrah Packages,as per need.To perform Umrah is to get an occasion to release oneself from the immoralities of the world and get back the confidence in religion. It makes you pure from heart and brings back in you the faith in Allah and Islam.

Our aim to ensure that your travel and accommodation needs for you and your loved ones are realized to your complete happiness. Fatimah Farooq Travels creates and designs the best packages of 2019 including 5 star hotel Le Meridien towers Makkah, Makarem Ajyad hotel Makkah and Hilton hotel Madinah.

Fatimah Farooq Travels provide you new private chartered air conditioned buses, direct return flight tickets and appropriate guidance during & before Umrah. Everything including lunch, dinner, breakfast is packed within the 5 star Umrah packages for Pakistani citizens. Choose the flight dates of choice for going to Umrah according to your needs. People belonging to Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad are well aware of services of Rehman Group of Travels. Fatimah Farooq Travels would like to assist you in the best manner by providing amazing Umrah deals of 2020. You can expect everything from Fatimah Farooq Travels in VIP Umrah packages of 2020.

Imam Ali ibn Hussain Zainul Abedin (A.S.) says: Complete Hajj and Umrah customs in order to be harmless and complete, to make it superior living for your family and to make your life improved.