What is our B2B & Corporate Booking System?

It’s the perfect online booking platform for all modern travel agent and tour operator companies, a flexible and modular management software that supports all the steps of a travel business process and you can find it as the best B2B travel agents in Pakistan.

How does it work?

Our B2B reservation system offers your travel agents access into our web based booking engine so they can search and book your travel services in the name of their clients. Our agents will have real time access to making online bookings.

When they use this model, they don’t need to share their profits with other businesses. In result, they generate an increased amount of net revenue and provide their guests much better service.

However, most hoteliers avoid using B2B travel agent model due to the complexity of these tools. But in recent day, many companies came forward with easy and simple-to-use software that anyone with little or no pro skills can operate.

Through our system you will be able to control the access of hundreds of agents and sub-agents to an extended inventory and negotiated rates by controlling your mark-ups and commissions thus gaining the ability to rapidly grow in the online environment – all from a single comfortable workplace.

You know, there are many travel agencies that have connection with thousands of holiday makers. And to sell inventories to those people, most hotels often deal with travel agencies.

Though it needs them to pay a commission fee, working with this B2B model gets them more bookings with less work on their parts. And B2C, on the other hand, stands for Business to Customer.

When a hotel reaches out to the end customers and sell them directly with no help of travel agent, only then this B2C term pops up. Using B2C model to sell inventories is pretty much popular to small hoteliers.

Fatimah Farooq Travels And Tours (Pvt) Ltd, a leading IATA Travel & Management Company and provides Travel Services & Travel Technology for Online Travel, Being Travel Agent & Online Travel Service Provider, offering Solutions for Corporates, Travel Agents, Online Travel Companies, Back Office Operations to the Travel industry, on one platform, to Non-Iata & Companies.
Fatimah Farooq Travels And Tours (Pvt) Ltd has in-house dedicated technology team that will monitor the swiftness of booking process throughout a day.

Airport Travelling

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Services Offered

  • Fulfillment for large Online Travel Companies,
  • Pricing of Online Flight Reservations.
  • Online Ticketing Service.
  • Handling Fulfillment of Ticketing on Online Bookings,
  • Intelligent Ticketing with Cost Savings,
  • Handling Re-Issuance, Exchange, Reprising, & Billing,
  • Processing Refunds
  • Re validation/Modification
  • Tour Guidance