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The federal prison system has not been exempt from criticism of its contract halfway houses. One of the Bureau of Prisons’ largest halfway house operators is the Salvation Army, which runs a 210-bed residential reentry center in Chicago, Illinois. Marshals several blocks from the halfway house is well-known and acts as a deterrent. However, drug use, theft and violence still occur at the facility. His views were reflected in a 2013 report by the DC Corrections Information Council , which found that staff at the facility lacked the ability to help residents find housing and employment, and hindered them from accessing mental health services. Residents said they felt unsafe and the halfway house did not have an effective system to handle grievances. “The CIC heard on multiple occasions that incarcerated DC residents would prefer to stay at secure facilities than re­enter DC through Hope Village,” the report stated.

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Lastly, while many sober living homes do not offer formal treatment services, many do belong to coalitions designed to monitor health, safety, quality, and adherence to recovery models which emphasize group involvement and peer support. The gruesome portrayal of halfway houses in the media can often be the catalyst for formal audits of these facilities.


Halfway houses require you to be enrolled in a treatment program, or you must have already completed such a program. In some cases, halfway houses are designated for those coming out of incarceration who may have been through a drug treatment program while in prison. This type of halfway house is often sponsored by the state to help those coming out of prison to readjust to life on the outside. My husband who will be released in December was told he would have half way status on Aug 21 but then was transferred to another state 1st. He was told he would only be there for a few weeks until placed in half way house. Then recently was told there are too many people ahead of him and that he will probably not be going to halfway house.

The contractor assists inmates in locating suitable housing , to which they can release from the RRC. In cases where an inmate halfhouse will be released with supervision, the contractor verifies the proposed address and forwards its comments to the U.S.

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When halfway houses serve people out of prison, they are typically called “residential re-entry centers” . Halfway houses that serve non-offenders are often called “sober living houses” to avoid stigma. I started my job as a delivery driver and since that fulfilled the final requirement to be eligible for home confinement, the hallway house quickly processed me out of there, taking only six weeks to prepare about two forms. They only let me work four days per week and they regularly called or showed up unannounced at my place of work to make sure I was working. This happened to everyone and it is just a terrible way to treat employers willing to hire inmates and really discourages them from doing so. Also, I had to pay the halfway house 25% of my gross pay for four weeks before they would let me go to home confinement, and then I had to continue payng throughout my three months of home confinement. If anyone is wondering why inmates don’t bother looking for work or can’t get hired when they do look, wonder no more.

“At first it was presented to me, like, if you need a place to stay and recover from addiction, you can stay there,” he stated. “Then he tried to get me to sell drugs to him.” Lees also said Charles used cocaine and discussed getting girls hooked on drugs so he could turn them into prostitutes. William Garrison, a former crack user, opened New Birth Abundant Life Ministry and received more than $300,000 in ATR funds before being barred from the program. According to residents, Garrison made them pay $50 a week for food even though he received federal funding for meals. They also said Garrison cursed and touched them non-consensually with “strong sexual overtones,” a state report found. None of the state or county-run jails and prisons in New Jersey experienced disturbances or escapes during Hurricane Sandy. Amato’s take may be an exaggeration since no one was injured at Logan Hall.

Yes, it happens reputinely for federal prisoners, particularly when they get close to the end of their sentences. He is going to go through the disciplinary process most likely, but the BOP is not allowed to punish someone who did not have the proper mental state at the time. Is there a way to request home confinement after week Addiction or so in halfway house? Instead of him having to do 90days in there with covid goin on. If you, or a loved one, were originally approved for a certain amount of halfway house–only to have that original release date stripped away–you have a few options. What “unusual of extraordinary” means is left to the BOP’s discretion.

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The cost to live in a halfway house can range from about $100 to over $2,000 per month. It is a requirement to remain sober while living in a halfway house. That policy was confirmed by Todd Henson, public information director at the Kentucky Department of Corrections’ contract management division, who said Dismas was required to accept any prisoner classified as community custody. Louisville officials were apparently unaware that they could perform their own background checks and refuse to accept Dismas workers with violent criminal records. The organization was the subject of an investigation into alleged sexual trysts, drug use and thefts involving residents while on the job at Louisville Metro Animal Services and the Kentucky Humane Society. A spot-check of Dismas workers at various agencies found that several had violent criminal records which should have barred them from those positions, including jobs at the Louisville Zoo. According to the Denver Post, offenders with higher average criminal history scores are increasingly being placed in Colorado halfway houses, partly as a cost-saving measure by state officials.

  • In addition to the funding it receives for housing state prisoners and parolees, CEC also received a $130 million contract in December 2011 to house Essex County prisoners at Delaney Hall.
  • Our sole focus is getting you back to the healthy, sober life you deserve, and we are ready and waiting to answer your questions or concerns 24/7.
  • The terms “CCC”, “Halfway House”, or RRC are interchangeable and all refer to a contracted Residential Reentry Center .
  • Most halfway houses don’t restrict who can live there, but the majority of people who live in a sober living home have already gone through a treatment program before going to sober living.
  • Challenge the change in placement through the BOP’s Administrative Remedy Program.

The state’s prison system has under 25,000 beds while approximately 3,500 offenders and parolees are housed in around two dozen halfway houses. But the system is not without its problems; about 5,100 residents have absconded from halfway houses since 2005, and former employees and residents report that drug and alcohol use, crime and violence are rampant at some facilities. Loosely defined as a “halfway” point for prisoners between incarceration and freedom, halfway houses have experienced a number of problems that indicate the industry is in need of systemic improvements. A recent interest among government officials in reducing prison populations as a way to cut costs, stemming from the 2008 Great Recession that resulted in significant budget deficits, has placed renewed emphasis on the importance of halfway houses.

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Only those deemed low-risk by CEC are transferred to Kintock halfway houses. Those points may have some validity, but ignore the fact that many of the escapes have occurred at “locked-down” halfway houses – those with no work-release program – and few escapees are prosecuted once caught. For example, the prosecution rate for residents who abscond in Essex County has been around 10% since 2009.

I had heard it said that the halfway houses were worse than prison and, in fact, I observed on several occasions where an inmate refused to go to a halfway house, opting instead to stay in prison. After spending several months in one of Philadelphia’s glorious halfway houses, I can somewhat understand the sentiment. It was the most inefficiently run, wasteful, and completely ridiculous institution anyone Alcohol detoxification could possibly imagine. Sober living homes and halfway houses share several commonalities, starting with purpose. Both sober houses and halfway houses provide housing and support for people working on their sobriety who no longer need inpatient treatment. Many people use the terms sober house and halfway house interchangeably. While they are similar in several ways, they are not the same thing.


This ambiguity means that pinning down how many people are in halfway houses each day – and how many specifically state-funded halfway houses there are – is nearly impossible. Restitution centers and community based/residential correctional facilities act as alternatives to traditional incarceration, instead of prison or jail, where individuals can go to serve their entire sentence. In restitution centers, people are expected to work and surrender their paychecks to be used for court-ordered fines, restitution fees, room and board, and other debts. Community based/residential correctional facilities frequently include a work-release component, but they function more as minimum-security prisons than reentry services.

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He collected over $110,000 before being kicked out of the federal ATR program. Incredibly, state officials do not require reentry facilities to be licensed, thus it is impossible to track such incidents. In fact, without licensing, there is no way to know how many halfway houses are actually operating in Florida. At the same time the state was imposing fines for repeated escapes, the Christie administration was working to reduce halfway house oversight. In June 2012, Governor Christie issued a line-item veto to curtail new disclosure requirements and, two months later, significantly weakened a requirement for audits of halfway house contracts. Some reentry facilities have a form of work release, which might account for the presence of drugs and other contraband.

Halfway houses and sober living facilities are important because they give people the support they need to make a smooth transition. Some facilities, like community-based correctional facilities, can serve dual functions that blur the lines of what facilities are and are not halfway houses. For instance, a community-based corrections facility might primarily house people who have been ordered to serve their full sentences at the facility, but also house some individuals who are preparing for release.

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